Entry #2

Just watched Howl's Moving Castle

2009-08-20 03:39:48 by RomFom

I wish I were Howl.

I'm currently listening to a bunch of chiptunes my good friend William shoved on me. It's good stuff.

I wonder if anyone will read this? O_o


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2009-08-20 04:27:36

I read it :)
I like that movie too
I'm thinking of seeing Ponyo too

RomFom responds:

omg i wanna see ponyo so bad :D


2009-09-24 20:48:09

Wait... was the person who made "Howls Moving Castle" the same person who made "Spirited Away", cause I fucking loved that movie

RomFom responds:

yes, Miyazaki. Also did "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Princess Mononoke"


2011-01-06 22:17:32

I hereby ban you from ever watching anything I make

RomFom responds:

who even are you... and your other account, which you found necessary to double-post with.


2011-01-06 22:29:59

I second that motion

RomFom responds:

i must've expressed displeasure at having bore witness to one of your low-quality submissions.


2011-02-05 17:24:33

about the thing that you wrote on your account.
no, actually I wanted to see your account becouse you have an awesome profile icon! :D did you made it yourself?